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Coming down the mountain

I am too tired to do it justice, two nights in a row of staying up late talking with strangers and getting up too many hours before dawn to ride on a bumpy dirt road all day has worn me down a bit.

However, the beauty was so intense, so heartwrenching, so inspiring, that I feel compelled to express just a bit of it.

The ride from Lhasa to the border was much as expected (I had done most of it before) so you will just have to wait for the pictures (due in a week or so) to learn more of what I saw. However, the last little bit, after the great pass when we started going down and down and down for what seemed liked forever was amazing and different. The hills were high on either side with plants clinging to either side, still asleep from the cold of winter but ready to wake up and turn green any moment! I could feel it, the humidy, the rising temperature, on the south side the trees were numerous and green! Of course they were evergreens, but still, it was refreshing after all the brown I have seen. Best of all when I craned my neck out the window and looked up, just before the sky I could actually see snow on some of the peaks.

Then we went through the crazy border towns (which reminded me very much of U.S./Mexico border towns) and when we were in Nepal I swear it was twenty degrees warmer and rising. And now the trees were not just evergreen but fresh, just turned green ones too. They had that light ethereal look, as if they were all wearing halos (can you tell I had just spent twelve days looking a browns and twenty of the last twenty-eight hours in a car).

And now, a short day and a half after we left, a Korean, Tibetan, French, Japanese and I arrived in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Now that I am out of Tibet it seems very far away, almost unreal. I still have much to digest of my time, thoughts, and opinions in that place. I censored myself a bit while I was there but I will try to tell more now that I am out of the Chinese's territory, as soon as I get some sleep that is...

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