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Let me tell you all about Bryan.
I feel the need to do this partially because I will be traveling with him for the next several weeks so those of you who aren't acquainted with this fellow might wonder who he is, and partially because interesting things happen to him. I am a reporter, although I like excitement now and then, I prefer for the excitement to happen to other folks and then I can write about it.

Two years older than me, Bryan is also in his senior year. I don't know his whole story (who ever does) but I do know that he has been to a few different colleges, finally transfering in to Friend's World last year to do the Comparative Religion and Culture course. This is a crazy program that introduces you to as many as five different religions and cultures in the course of one year. He was the most conservative student in his class and felt outcast because of it. Not much of an academic but a dedicated learner, Bryan had read only two books before a few years ago, when a doctor accurately prescribed him glasses. Suddenly for the first time he could read for more than ten minutes with out falling asleep. He is still catching up on all he missed but is so determined not to miss anything else that he reads very thoroughly and therefor slowly.

Before attending school Bryan spent several years in the army as a medic and then helped his father run a business. In many ways were are opposite so constandly debate everything and anything under the sun. But we both value personal experience and opinions so things usually stay pretty polite.

However, my travel partner seems to take the weight of the world on his shoulder, a sense of responsibility that while commendable, leads to some intense actions.

Last night he was taking a walk, trying to find some whiskey (there seems to be no alcohol in this area). He has been having an upset stomach and was hoping that the strong stuff would kill whatever ailed him.

First he came upon an auto driver harrassing a beggar. Granted we all want to harrass beggars at time - they are filthy and pester us forever - but conquering that urge is part of what makes me feel like a good person. Bryan felt the need to step in and stop this harrassment (the auto driver was throwing urine and water on the beggar) and after he did that he kept walking, eventually coming upon a large gathering of people.

There are usually only two things at the center of a large gathering of people, either a fight or a wounded person. Fighting his way to the front, Bryan discovered it was the latter, fresh from a motor cycle accident, with a severely broken arm and leg; there was blood everywhere.
Nobody was doing anything, other than watch the poor fellow loose body fluids. Immediatly taking control of the situation and calling on all his talents learned in the army, our hero did his best to stop the bleeding, set the bones, call the police and ambulance and keep the poor fellow company.

The ambulance and police finally arrived. At first it seemed like they were going to deny the wounded man ambulance care. Bryan yelled and screamed (something he is very good at) eventually getting the guy into the ambulance with the help of EMT who didn't seem to know what they were doing.
To think we were told that India has good medical care. Between my two friends in the hospital and the accidents I have noted, I have to differ.

Bryan, already wary of medical care here, accompanied the fellow, who had not said a word by this time, to the hospital. There they took him into care but still could not get him to talk. This appeared to upset the doctors or nurses who were trying their best to at least get him to open his mouth. Apparently the emergency room was about as dismal as you could imagine and our medic didn't have much hope for the silent guy. Sadly, despite the wounded man's gestures for him to stay, Bryan left, determined to check on him this morning.

Because of one thing or another, he wasn't able to get to the hospital this morning but did check on him this afternoon.

The guy had died.

Bryan inquired how this happened and nobody could tell him. Apparently the fellow had gone into surgery, came out alright but then mysteriously died today. No one was looking into it and they couldn't even tell our concerned foreigner what the mystery man's name was or where his things went.

So it goes in an Indian hospital in Delhi.

I don't know what to do or say. Nothing prepares you for being even remotely involved in some stranger's death. I know Bryan feels badly about the whole matter.
"He asked me to stay and I refused. That was his dying wish and I couldn't do it."

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