October 08, 2001


8 October 2001
Friends World Program
Long Island Univeristy
Costa Rica


The Beginning

Bright and early we met at school. There were only five of us when the bus picked us up. But there were already people on the bus and we picked up some more after; our final total was nineteen. The five already in the bus were some students from a language school, and the last nine we picked up were attending Universidad Nacional. All told we were mostly from the U.S. One woman was from Scotland, one from France, our guide was Costa Rican and he brought along a Colombian girlfriend.

The bus ride was long and annoying. Our guide told us the plan though. We would stop to take a small walk in Braulio Carrillo, a large nature preserve north and east of San Jose, and then head on down through the banana plantations where we would get on a boat, which would take us to Tortuguero.

"If I don't know the answers to your questions," he assured us, "I will make something up." This statement was confirmed when he told us that, "it rains like hell here, like 30 hours a day."

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