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I want to see you dance again

I was at a wedding celebration tonight, saying my good byes, about to head back to the City, when the band starting playing Harvest Moon. I hope this song always stops me in my tracks and brings tears to my eyes. From the first lyrics:
"Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say"

I wasn't aware of this song until my brother died. He asked to have it played at his funeral so we did. It reminds me of his sweet smile, the delight I can still recall in his eyes. As more years pass some of these memories fade and intertwine with memories of people who remind me of him. This November it will be eleven years without him.

Despite tears and sadness upon hearing Harvest Moon it also makes me happy as I recall his joy. I know he meant this song for his sweetheart, who's love helped ease the pain of dying from cancer. But also, maybe for me, his baby sister who loved dancing under the harvest moon and I sing it right back at him - wishing I could see him dance again.

But I know I can't.

Life is full of loss. This is part of Dukkha. And glancing around the room I am pleased they are playing this song. I know many people here also share my pain, also have lost a loved one too early. And yet here we all are, dancing and celebrating love and life. Because somehow we do that. We grieve, people die and we will never see them again, and so we never stop grieving. Yet somehow, hearts grow bigger to make room for some joy - at times lots and lots joy - along with the grief.

Truly Amazing.