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September 25, 2010

sick sick and sicker

I've been ill for the last two weeks. It wasn't anything serious, just a cold or two or three. First there was a mild fever with a sore throat. That lasted two or three days. Then as the fever went away and the sore throat faded it was replaced by pressure in my sinuses, an excruciating headache, and a cough. I went to see the doctor, she said I just had a bad cold and to give it a few days. I did, and was starting to feel slightly better, with the headache gone. However, the cough got worse and then my sore throat came back! So I went back to the doctor worried.

It should be noted that during the whole time I was sick I was doing all the things I learned over the years to take care of myself. This included drinking tons of hot tea and ginger lemonade with honey, the occasional dose of Apple Cider vinegar, lots of facial steam baths (to clear out the sinuses) and once my fever was gone, using my neti pot. Before the cough got so bad I was getting lots of sleep, watching comedy and reading good books (since laughter is supposed to be the best medicine) and laying low. Yet this cold wasn't going away!

At the second visit my doctor gave me two prescriptions to help the cough, one of which would also help me get to sleep at night. And she recommended I take a super strong over the counter sinus and allergy medication. These doses of western medicine have worked wonderfully.

After three nights of good sleep, with my cough minimized to a productive morning routine of pulling out whatever crap fell into my lungs over night from a postnasal drip that I blissfully slept through and my sore throat reduced to an occasional ache that is soothed by citrus I am shocked at how much energy I have. I was actually able to organize my storage unit, finally putting up the air conditioner and fans we no longer need and pulling out all our winter clothes, which we soon will need. Thank goodness for this energy - there is so much to do! Being sick is like being sucked into a black hole or being frozen while time slips by. I can't believe that fall is officially here and October nearly upon us.

I just wish that the two week time warp happened in say February instead of now - when I missed some of the most beautiful days of the year. That said, I hope I've time warped enough for the year. Last time I got this sick was October of last year - lets hope this is a once a year deal.