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August 23, 2010

new critter space

I adopted a kitty yesterday. He is all black, with soft downy fur, and an adorable worried expression on his face. He is cuddly always but quite timid so only plays once he feels comfortable.

We already have a cat who came, much loved, with my boyfriend. She is surprisingly playful for a four-year-old and quite talkative. I love her with all my heart.

When I decided to adopt a kitty, I looked forward to a young playmate for Frida - someone who wouldn't mind being up at two in the morning. When I met Milo, I knew he would be perfect. He was timid enough to let her rule the roost but playful enough that they would be able to keep each other entertained. I envisioned two fluff balls chasing toys through the house and climbing on things and darting under other things. My sweetheart says someday this will happen.

But the current reality is tough. Miles is so shy unless I pull him out to cuddle, he hides under the bed (and then, once he's all loved up he plays for a little while before running under the bed again). Frida when she smells him gets angry and hisses. So for now we have to keep them separate - for the first time ever doors are shut tight in our apartment. And then I worry about my new little kitten - has he come out from under the bed yet? Is he lonely? Worried? Scared? I really hope he's not eating my bamboo plant again. I wish I had swept and mopped under the bed recently...