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March 13, 2010


Its been rainy here for nearly a week.
The sun is a distant memory and all I recall are the drip drip drips of the drops and gray color of the sky that seems to seep down and surround everything muting what little color exists at the end of winter in a northern climate.

Not so great weather for a walk and all the good novels have been read. Its not a verb but somehow I feel noveled up. If I had kids they'd be climbing the walls. Instead it is just my inner child I have to deal with. And the cat. She is literally climbing the walls but that happens on sunny days as well since she is an indoor cat in regular wont of playful company.

The house is clean enough... I guess that means it is time for making messes and crafting!

Even when I tire of it, I love weather. It provides me with the kind of structure that drives other people to stay in school or join the military.