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April 27, 2009

natural healing

Three weeks ago I chopped the tip of my finger off. It was an accident - a result of being overly ambition with too little sleep. I was chopping chard at six-thirty in the morning (trying eat a healthy breakfast) and misjudged where my finger was buried in the vegetable. Before I even had time to say "ouch" my finger tip was bit shorter with a third of my nail missing.

I always say accidents, illnesses, and muscle soreness are all wonderful anatomy and biology lessons.

Things I have learned from this so far:
1. There is a little artery running up that side of my pointer finger
2. There are a lot of nerves in a finger tip
3. When you smash your finger the nail falls off but when you slice it off the rest of the nail doesn't even seem to notice (I've had to cut it once already) and it keeps on growing
4. The skin under the nail heals slower than the skin on the tip of my finger
5. At least some nerve endings are still alive
6. It takes about 10 days to learn how to do 9 finger typing at about 75% of the speed of 10 finger typing

Now my finger has healed to the point where I don't always want to keep the bandage on (it starts to smell) so unless I am doing some heavy lifting I leave it off and people can see the ugly black scab covering now a quarter of my nail (I mentioned how it keeps on growing). From a distance it looks like I have either bad nail polish or something nasty on my finger. I have a couple options to answer when people notice and ask:

A. It is the scab of dried blood from chopping my finger tip off (this one really grosses them out)
B. It is a natural healing patch aimed at maximizing my body's ability to heal from the trauma of cutting the tip of my finger off (I haven't tried this one or the following two yet).
C. The initial onset of leprosy
D. OMG! What is that? What happened to my finger?????