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September 27, 2007


The solstice has come and gone. There is now more night than day.

I've had my summer cold, long sunsets with slowly receding lights, bicycle rides at ungodly hours, days and days of activity, my second work conference (ever), lots of dancing, a bit of partying, tons of events, the state fair, but all together way too much busy busy fun.

I think I am ready for autumn and the sort of fun that comes with longer evenings, chilly times, baking, crisp blue skies, and falling leave.s - what I might call "slow fun".

September 01, 2007


I've been taken down but a puny little virus. After three days the common cold has me begging for mercy. I am missing the final frantic days of Summer! I am missing the State Fair. My body aches to go out dancing and biking and instead I am forced into days and days of feverish snotty contemplation.

The cold has taken away my sense of smell making all food taste like a memory or simply provide texture to my palate. On the second day of this dreariness I remembered how my grandmother never liked trying new food and suddenly realized why - she couldn't taste them! She loved eating her old favorites because of the memories but these new fangled dishes were always just ho-hum. This also explains why when we switched her dairy ice cream for soy she never knew the difference.

I can't wait till my nose comes back into action. I cleaned the entire house in anticipation.