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March 30, 2007

enviro trash

Event season is just around the corner and as I do my planning I have found a new enemy.

I hate granola bars and all things related.

This comes easy because I never cared for the taste - even before I was aware of waste issues. However, I as I preach to the environmental crowd I realize that granola bars - and I am talking about anything that is supposed to be a healthy snack for the "granola" crowd - these bars have caught my attention time and time again. To me anything individually wrapped and marketed to environmentally conscious people is an oxymoron. How organic is the plastic these things are wrapped in?

I understand that, when there are no local option, items such as tofu, yogurt, is going to come wrapped in trash (aka - plastic) but these are staple foods. I understand that there are lots of single serving items wrapped in trash that are marketed to the junk food crowd (people that aren't trying to be one with nature). However why would you purposefully bring more plastic into the world just so that you can have a high carb snack while you enjoy our rapidly depleting wilderness? Some of these companies like Clif bar, Bumble Bar, Barbara's Bakery go to such lengths to talk about all they are doing for the environment yet they still profit off creating more trash for the world. I know we are busy and longing for a snack but next time - why don't you grab an apple instead of some overly processed food individually contained in a wrapper that will never truly go away?

Thank you for letting me vent. I really hate granola bars.

March 27, 2007


I love the weather. I even fell in love with a meteorologist once knowing that at least we had that in common.

So this morning I felt so clever when I noticed that the winds although a bit strong (10 mph from the north) were supposed to pickup increasingly throughout the day. My bicycle ride to work is almost directly. Sure enough, by the time I left the office the winds were 18 mph and gusting in the mid-twenties. I was looking forward to riding that wave home.

I did speed home as planned - however, in addition to wind I also caught quite a bit of rain. I think at one point it was even hailing.

My bicycle ride is a quick three miles though, and the wind was at my back. It was a truly enjoyable drenching of water. Of course the rain stopped by the time I got home. I really do love the weather. I can make any ordinary day seem extraordinary.

March 07, 2007

Grist on two evils

I love Grist - environmental news and commentary with a humble sense of humor. This week advice maven Umbra addresses the question about which is better "landfill or incinerator". It is quick summary and easy read.

March 06, 2007

car woahs

With the blessing of my grandmother I doubled my number of wheels a few months ago by adding a car to burgeoning collection of vehicles (which already include two legs, a bicycle and a scooter). It has taken me awhile to accept the slippery slope into car culture.

What has surprised me?

  • to a certain extent I enjoy driving
  • I do use the car to go places I wouldn't go otherwise (this is a good thing)
  • I keep it pretty clean
  • I enjoy taking care of it in small doable doses (recently I put in a new headlight and upped the power stearing fluid)
  • I still drive little enough that gas doesn't take a large bite out of my budget
  • Despite having it for three months some friends still don't realize I have a four-wheeled vehicle

What hasn't surprised me?

  • I feel sucker punched whenever a major repair needs happening (recent distributor, sparkplug, oil change combo).
  • The amount of money you can sink into it never ends (next on the list - a new muffler and brake job)
  • I definitely bike and walk less in the winter than I used to - this is cause of depression though it is slightly counter balanced by it being easier to visit friends and the como conservatory
  • Insurance is expensive
  • I feel guilty at times about my willingness to drive